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Why Striper Fishing at Elephant Butte is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Elephant Butte in New Mexico during a clear day

The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Take a second to imagine the perfect weekend getaway. What are you getting away from? For most people, the perfect getaway takes them outside of the hustle and bustle of polluted city life and brings them into the embrace of nature. The fresh air, the gorgeous water, and the vast array of wildlife are simultaneously peaceful and adventurous. There is something about the great outdoors that is profoundly healing for our bodies and souls. And there is something about fishing, specifically, that seems to take us back to our roots.

At Land of Enchantment Fishing Adventures, we believe that striper fishing at Elephant Butte is one of the most exciting adventures you can find in New Mexico. This gorgeous reservoir is the ideal location for striper fishing, and Elephant Butte Lake State Park makes for an ideal weekend getaway. But while we know fishing is fun, catching fish is a blast. We love watching our friends catch stripers, and we work hard to make sure they go home with a trophy (or trophies!). Here are a few tips that will help you be successful while striper fishing in Elephant Butte.

Tips for a Good Catch

Freshwater fishing is a learned skill, and you will get better at it by spending more time in the water. Hopefully, these striper fishing techniques will help you get started on your journey!

  1. Choosing Bait: One of the most common striper fishing techniques is bait fishing. You can use either live bait or fresh dead bait to catch the most quality bass. Popular baits include anchovies, perch, sardines, pile worms, and bloodsuckers. When the bait is cut (rather than whole) it allows for a more pungent scent to attract stripers.
  2. Trolling: Trolling for stripers is relatively simple. Once you have located the stripers or bait fish you wish to make use of, you can slowly troll your boat at around 4 miles per hour. At the same time, let out your line so that your lure is just above where the fish are located. There are several types of lures that are effective, but we have found that white and chartreuse with red tips are great colors for the clear waters of Elephant Butte.
  3. Casting: If you prefer to cast for stripers, there are several ways to augment your chances of success. After locating schools of stripers, try casting into the current rather than against the current – doing so will give a much more natural presentation. When the weather is cool and overcast, try using top water plugs. Bass are likely to be close to the surface during this time. If the sun is up and the water is warm, however, allow your line to go deeper.

Are You Interested in Striper Fishing At Elephant Butte?

If you are dreaming of a gorgeous striper catch and in need of a weekend adventure, there is really no better getaway than the Elephant Butte Reservoir. And with Land of Enchantment Fishing Adventures, you are guaranteed to learn even more tips than the ones listed above! You don’t have to be content with just dreaming of striper fishing at Elephant Butte – you can actually catch fish! Contact us for more information today!


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