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Striper Fishing Guide at Elephant Butte, New Mexico

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    Striper Fishing

Fishing at Elephant Butte Lake is one of the best adventures you can find in New Mexico. Imagine looking out at the mountain vistas as the sun rises over the water and turns the sky several shades of pink and yellow. As the boat speeds across the water and birds fly overhead, you will be amazed at how much beautiful wildlife scenery this desert has to offer.

Whether you are fishing for stripers, bass, or any other large catch, Frank Vilorio of Land of Enchantment Fishing & Hunting Adventures will ensure that all of his guests experience fulfilling guided fishing tours with plenty to take home. He will take you out on his 24 foot Triton Center Console that accommodates up to six people. If your party is larger than that, he can bring along multiple boats. When you come on one of our guided fishing tours at Elephant Butte, you will learn techniques and secrets of the trade that will last you a lifetime.

Land of Enchantment Fishing and Hunting Adventures is a platinum approved Outfitter that has excelled in every aspect of their business field. We put people and clients before profit. We do what it takes to make sure that we will be in business for the long haul and ensure that we have repeat customers, we are personable and kid friendly. You would be proud to refer a friend to our outfitter business. We provide quality guided fishing and waterfowl hunts on Elephant Butte lake. We also do fresh water and saltwater excursions in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Striper Fishing at Elephant Butte

The striped bass is one of North America's most unpredictable fish. Expert fishing guide Frank Vilorio is the top rated Fishing Guide at Elephant Butte Lake as a full time professional guide with a thriving business established in 1994.

Elephant Butte Fishing Trips

Stripers, whitebass, large and smallmouth bass, walleye, and crappie are just a few of the species caught on Elephant Butte Fishing Trips. Your guided fishing tour will give you instructions on how to successfully catch stripers and white bass on fresh live shad and productive lures.

Elephant Butte fishing trips are available year round at New Mexico's largest warm water fishery. In the winter months, Elephant Butte Lake produces big stripers in deep water. Charter fishing trips on Elephant Butte Lake can be customized to your needs; morning, afternoon and evening trips. Night fishing trips for Stripers and White Bass can be arranged in summer months.

At certain times of the year, depending on water temperature, Stripers and White Bass will hit on top or sub-surface lures. New Mexico fishing is "tops" in the West. Elephant Butte fishing trips are also very productive in summer months for Stripers and White Bass using slabs and spoons.

We Provide Everything You Need

Elephant Butte fishing guide, Frank, will provide the fishing boat, rods and reels, fresh live bait, and of course his expertise on New Mexico's best sport fishing lake. Fishermen only need to bring their fishing license, a cooler with food and drinks, appropriate clothing, and a positive attitude. Elephant Butte fishing guide will work hard to make sure that you have a successful trip fishing Elephant Butte Lake.

Bring the Children Along Too

Fishing guide Frank Vilorio enjoys and takes pride in teaching the youngest of fisherman to make their first catch. Bringing along children will only add to the adventure underway. You will have the opportunity to make great memories while your child learns the lifelong skill of fishing. Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you do bring along your little fisher be sure to have all the food and water they will need. A life vest is a must and it helps if they know how to swim in the case of an emergency.

New Mexico fishing guides have to be licensed and bonded in order to take you on the water. Elephant Butte fishing trips will be a memorable experience with friends or family. Contact Frank for an Adventurous New Mexico fishing trip on Elephant Butte Lake.


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    Triton Center Console at Elephant Butte Lake Fishing Trips Come fishing with me on my new 24 ft. Triton Center Console.  I can accommodate up to 6 persons. Learn latest techniques on catching trophy stripers with live and artificial bait.  We have Multiple boats available for large parties   
  • Fully rigged 24 ft. Triton Center Console boat with Complete Fishing tackle and latest electronics.
  • Live Bait: Shiners, Minnows, Brouders, Blue Gils, Shad (when available).
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  • Licensed and Bonded
  • We filet and and package your catch.
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      Trophy Stripers
Elephant Butte's most experienced guide service!
          Bass Fishing Guide Elephant Butte New Mexico

Elephant Butte Fishing Boat

Elephant Butte Fishing Boats

Cast Nets Super Spreader

Pure Fishing

Land of Enchantment Fishing & Hunting Adventures offers great recreational striper fishing, with a professional fishing guide in Elephant Butte New Mexico. Plan your striper fishing trip, and charter Land Of Enchantment Fishing Adventures fishing guide in Elephant Butte.

Sue Larson caught a 9.8 lbs Bass on light tackle.
Fish was released to be caught another day.

Sue Larson 9.8 lbs bass

Mike Torres caught a
6 lb.7 oz. Small Mouth
Lake Record!!!
Mike Torres caught a 6 lb.7 oz. Small Mouth Lake Record!!!

Trophy smallmouth bass caught at Elephant Butte
 2010 Lake Record
Collin Oelkers of Dalheart Tx. 6 lbs. 4oz trophy smallmouth bass caught July 28th, 2010

Collin Oelkers
Dalhart, TX. 6 lbs. 4 oz.
22" long Trophy smallmouth
Guided by Frank Vilorio

We had a great time fishing & catching lots of big fish w/ Frank Vilorio!

Jackie Reese of Tallahassee Fla.
41 lbs 6 oz.
Terry Astorga of Las Cruces, NM
31 lb striper
42.6 lbs Striper by Keith Thompson
from Lubbock, Texas
Jackie Reese Terry Astorga 42.6 lbs Striper by Keith Thompson
Avery McClendis
 Alamagordo, NM
Jeff Gazdik
 Roswell, NM
Mark Sanderson
Artesia, NM
Steve Abla Joann Cotz Bill Murray
Steve Abla
Albuquerque, NM
 Joann Cotz
Hobbs, NM
Bill Murray of El Paso, Texas caught this 32 lb 2oz
trophy striper
Daniel Enriquez Joseph Como Eric Jackson
Daniel Enriquez of Albuquerque, NM caught his 34lb 10oz
trophy striper
Joseph Como of Phoenix, AZ caught this 31lb 12oz
trophy striper
Eric Jackson of Las Cruces, NM caught this 40lb trophy striper
Larame Camerer Billie Hutleston Jim Thompson
Larame Camerer of Steelville, MO caught his 27lb 2oz trophy striper Billie Hutleston of Las Cruces, NM caught her 30lb 8oz trophy striper 47 lbs Striper by Jim Thompson
from Roswell, New Mexico
Ron Campos Roman Archuleta 47 lbs Striper by Jim Thompson
44.6 lbs Striper by Ron Campos
from Albuquerque, New Mexico
40 lbs Striper by Roman Archuleta
from Albuquerque, New Mexico
David Dibartolomeo pulled in this 38 lb. 8 oz. Striper
44.6 lbs Striper by Martin Herrera 40 lbs Striper by Roman Archuleta 38 lb. 8 oz. Striper

Walleye Fishing Trips


Walleye are not only fun to catch, but they are good fish for eating as well! They offer a tender flavorful meal. Much like the striper or large mouth bass, the walleye are a bit elusive. It can be a real thrill to reel in the line and find a long skinny toothed walleye flapping on your hook. When itís sunny out, it will require a good amount of depth to catch these reclusive fish. Leaded line and deep diving lures will help reach the depths needed. Walleye like to hide around underwater rocks and foliage, which makes them harder to catch. You are more likely to catch these fish during the spring thru summer on a fishing adventure. They can even be found in shallow waters at banks. This is also the best time to use live bait, plastic and crank bait to catch walleye.

  boat fishers with caught walleyes

Article in the Albuquerque Jornal


      Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing

      Walleye Pic

Walleye Pic

      Walleye Pic
Walleye Fising with Frank Walleye Fising with Frank

Catch a dream foundation
fish with Frank Vilorio.


Whitebass Fishing Trips

Elephant Butte offers some of the best whitebass fishing in the region. The limit is 25 per angler. The whitebass fishing is productive from spring thru fall. When the shad start running, the whites really turn on, some range from 3 to 4 lbs. We provide all rods and reels, the latest productive lures and slabs, and live shad (when available). We also clean and package your catch.

      White Bass Fishing

White Bass Fishing

White Bass Fishing

White Bass Fishing

White Bass Fishing
Whitebass Fishing    
White Bass Fishing
White Bass Fishing White Bass Fishing    

Crappie Fishing Trips


Crappie is an extremely popular game catch on Elephant Butte Lake. There are two species of crappie; black and white. They feed on small gizzard, threadfin shad and minnows. They feed most heavily at dawn, dusk and at night year round. But they feed less often when water temperatures dip below 50 degrees. The best times to catch them are in the spring, summer and fall. Crappie can grow up to 5 pounds. Possession limit is 20 and there's no length limit on Crappie fishing. We will show you the latest techniques on catching Crappie on Elephant Butte Lake with live and artificial baits.



Crappie 2    
       Crappie 1  
Crappie 3
Crappie 4    
      Duck Hunting    
      Guided Duck Hunting Trips at Elephant Butte Lake, N.M. have been excellent during the last few years because the lake has produced great habitat for all types of water fowl. There has been a lot of ducks flying south from Colorado to winter here in Elephant Butte Lake. It seems the colder it gets up North; the more ducks show up in our Lake. Duck season starts mid October and runs thru the end of January. I guide Duck Hunters on Elephant Butte Lake, supply Duck Boat, decoys and ground blinds. Hunters bring their own shot gun and steel shot. Most common ducks are gadwalls, wigeons, mallards, shovelers, pintails, canvas backs & teals. Please refer to the N.M. Game & Fish for more information and regulations.
Please call Frank for prices and additional information @ 575-740-4710.
duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters duck hunters
  Duck Hunting Video